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APRAV is a young non profit organisation that was formed by a group of concerned professionals. Our aim is to protect the rights of the South African people who have been effected by the tragic events of accidents on our roads. How APRAV was formed The Association for the Protection of Road Accident Victims [...]

2018-05-23T06:34:25+00:00 Road transportation is a critical element supporting and directly contributing to growth in any economy. Road accidents are, unfortunately, a negative consequence of this economic growth, affecting both economically active members of our society and other citizens. Free markets, and in particular the private sector, do not fully address the impact of road [...]

Occupational therapy and traumatic brain injuries


“Traumatic brain injury patients can successfully benefit from Occupational Therapy as it provides quantifiable rehabilitation for TBI. Occupational therapy help those struggling with brain injuries to regain the normal rhythms of their pre-injury lives by re-educating them to carry out routine activities”. “Occupational therapy focuses on promoting health and rehabilitation through the performance of [...]

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Understanding Autistic Spectrum Disorder


People with Autism Spectrum Disorder are part of a distinctive group with common characteristics. In order to assist individuals to learn and develop, it is crucial that those around them understand Autistic Spectrum Disorder and assist the individual to develop by providing structured teaching. This includes organising the physical environment and developing schedules and work [...]

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Clients feedback


Feedback from our clients that that been through our work well program….. And how they have benefited?  Almost 95 % of our clients, who have engaged in Work Well Programs returned to work, either in their same position / in an accommodated position,  having less pain, being more productive, feeling less fatigued by applying [...]

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