Feedback from our clients that that been through our work well program…..

And how they have benefited? 

Almost 95 % of our clients, who have engaged in Work Well Programs returned to work, either in their same position / in an accommodated position,  having less pain, being more productive, feeling less fatigued by applying the correct energy and joint saving principles. Job match placements for workers who have engaged in Work Well Programs / FCE‘s could easily and efficiently be facilitated. The mentioning of a universal approach, and standardized results, allowed for clients to feel at ease with any service provider / work well trained therapist treating them, for they knew the quality of assessment and treatment would be the same. Many businesses have contacted me reporting almost 40 % reduction in injury rates, and employees have contacted our practice mentioning how grateful they are towards the safety education / joint protection principles and pain management techniques that have been taught to them.

Using FJA for purposes other than developing FJDs:

Besides using Functional Job analysis to develop Functional Job descriptions, Cloete Occupational Therapy also use the results of the FJA as an indication of what level the client is performing on, which will then be an indication of the amount of treatment  / the focus of the treatment required in order to match certain job criteria / demands.  Being adequately analyzed it can also indicate how a rehabilitation program should be modified to elicit more effective results. It can also add to the motivation for assistive devices, environmental modifications or why reasonable accommodations at work should be granted.

Cloete Occupational Therapy also makes use of it for the following main purpose: “The fact that it involves analyzing the employee, the work and the worksite. The Work Well FJA objectively quantifies measures and categorizes the active components of the job including the required movements, functions, forces, actions, and postures.  As mentioned before, one of the principal outcomes of FJA is to create a Functional Job Description (FJD). A FJD is used for developing goal oriented rehab programs including work hardening and conditioning; making return to work decisions including vocational training and placement; and designing Pre-Work Screens and return to work screens.”

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